Orthopedic Physiotherapy Equipment

  • Shortwave Diathermy Unit(With Cooling Fan)
  • Muscle Stimulator
  • Ultrasound With Muscle Stimulator
  • Ultrasound Therapy Unit-Table Model
  • Electronically Controlled Cervical/Lumber Traction
  • Interferential Therapy Unit
  • High Frequency Unit For Physiotherapy

Pediatric Equipments

  • Baby Incubator(Digital Display)
  • Mobile Photo therapy Unit With Baby Cradle
  • Radiant Heat Warmer
  • Acrylic Oxygen Hood

Surgery, Urology and Gynecology

  • Solid State Electrosurgical Unit
  • Under Water Cutting With Bipolar & Pencil
  • Solid State Bipolar Co-agulator
  • Fetal Monitoring System
  • Fetal Acounstic Stimulator
  • Aerosol Disinfector For Fumigation

Operation Theatre Equipments

  • Portable Double Bottle Suction
  • Autoclave Complete Stainless Steel
  • Operation Table Hydraulic
  • Portable Halogen Spot Light
  • Shadow less Lamp
  • Shadow less Lamp With Halogen Facility
  • Formalin Vapouriser

  • Double Surface Photo Therapy Unit

  • Radiant Heat Warmer

  • Photo Therapy Unit With Baby Credle

  • Radiant Heat Warmer With Photo Therapy

  • Premature Baby Incubator