Project :

  • Incinerators, Chimneys, shredder machine, ETP.
  • Pilot project for manufacture of alcohol from maze at CTCRI, Trivandrum.
  • Pilot plant for manufacture Liquid Fertilizers, Rahuri.
  • Pilot plant for extraction on essential Oil from by steam distillation.
  • Atomization of canteen Ordnance Factory, Chanda & HAL Nashik
  • Measurement analysis of solar radiation data.
  • Measurement analysis of mobile tower radiation.
  • LPG pipeline for Laboratories.
  • Installation of commissioning for Aerobic Fermentor at LIT, VNIT & Udct Mumbai.
  • We Installed Telescope of made USA make at Naded University.
  • Fermentation plant at RCFL Mumbai.
  • Hybrid solar & wind system at GEL Amravati.
  • Laundry plants at Nanded & Aurangabad.
  • Lab pilot plant at JNRDC Nagpur.
  • Central sterlisation for hospitals.