Medical Electronics(BIOMED)

  • Study of blood pressure measurement.
    (Non-invasive and simulation of invasive)
  • Study of ECG amplifier to measure amplitude and frequency components.
  • Study of bedside monitors to measure temperature, blood pressure, ECG wave, respiration rate etc.
  • Study of measurement of pulse rate.
  • Study of measurement of temperature of human body direct and indirect method.
  • Study of EMG/EEG simulator and plot waveforms.
  • Record and monitor heart sounds using e-stethoscope.
  • Study of pace maker unit to compare the operation of heart with the normal functioning of heart.
  • Study of blood cell counter to measure cell counts.
  • Study of spectrophotometer.
  • Study of ultrasound in medicine.
  • Study of temperature telemetry system to measure the received data.

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